We have two developments coming online w/c 25 April.

We will be reporting Mineral Oil as C10-C40 Aliphatic as this is the definition of Mineral Oil and accepted by Hazwaste Online (Hazardous Waste Classification Software). There are some standards that link Mineral Oil to a total C10-C40 (Aliphatic + Aromatic) with clean up but until there’s further industry wide standardisation, we’ll be reporting Mineral Oil as C10-C40 Aliphatic.

Our new WAC reporting template builds on the existing format by including colour coding on the final results to identify potential failures against the three separate threshold levels for Inert, Stable Non-Reactive Hazardous, and Hazardous landfill acceptance. Each result will be colour coded based on the lowest threshold value that is achieved so that results can be more easily screened. All data will still need to be interpreted but with the use of the colour system it may help initial review and focus further investigation if needed.