More like there’s only one Ken Tech – on the pocket.

Our superstar team of Chemists and Technicians don the latest in fashion apparel for the 2019 season: grey lab coats!

Once again bucking the norm, Chemtech Environmental trailblazes the ‘get down and dirty’ look. The charcoal grey with printed green logo and company mascot pocket detail offers a practical and stylish solution to hide the muck, water and effluent stains.

Needless to say, the photo was taken on day of delivery. After a few hours of hard graft, the look will be less Naomi Campbell and more John Campbell.

Elaine Chapman of Johnsons Apparel master, Gateshead branch said:

“We were delighted to win the contract to produce Chemtech lab coats. The Ken Tech detail on the pocket was a bit challenging but the result is great. And keeping them clean will be far less problematic for us in the future. It’s win/win all round”.

Editor’s comments: “Lab Manager, Steve Bradley, assumes the captain’s position without being prompted. Clearly, he’s a natural for the job!”